Info on scholarships

Dear Students,

Those of you whose index book numbers are listed below are requested to bring the number of your PLN bank account (but your own, not your parents’ one) to the office. You have a big chance to get the scholarship for good grades after the previous (2009/10) academic year.

281959, 252666, 252529, 271010, 270990, 300569, 271248, 296921, 301748, 300515, 294747, 301741

This list is not final, as the final averages, from which the scholarship will be given, have not been set yet. Anyway, the people above have the biggest chance to get the scholarship, therefore please deliver your bank accounts to the office as it will let as act quicker when the list of scholarships becomes final. It’s probable this year it will not be possible to take the scholarship in cash from the cash desk like it was possible in the previous years.

Assumed FAQ
Q: How about the tuition reduction which was announced some time ago? Any news?
A: No info on that yet. Patience, my young Padawans ;)