Info for all the Students - 12 September

Dear Students,

12 September is the last day of the makeup exam session after the spring semester 2009/10. It is also the last day when you need to have all the grades. Not having a grade from any course on that day will mean that this course is failed. This is especially important for 2nd- and 3rd-year Students who still need to finish their theoretical/empirical papers. Please note: having a grade means having a grade and not submitting your paper (!). The Dean will say 'no' to any request asking for prolongation of the makeup exam session due to unfinished courses, especially theoretical/empirical papers (he told us so yesterday!). If you don't have a grade by 12 September, you fail your paper which means that you will have to write a request for conditional pass to the next year. We would like to remind everyone that conditional passes are payable and for example theoretical/empirical paper costs 510 PLN per semester! There is still about one month to finish the paper, so if you still have a lot to do, it is a good time to start now.