Info for 1st-year and other new Students

Dear 1st-year/new Students,

You are obliged to pass 2 small online tests to complete the first year. These are Intellectual Property test and Occupational Safety and Care test. This is how you do it:
1. Go to this website.
2. Switch to English. You will not see a lot of changes, because the contents of the site won’t be translated, but the general interface of the website will switch to English.
3. Log in to the website using your USOS login and pass. Choose loging in as a UW student/employee.
4. Go back to the main site and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find both courses there: “Podstawy ochrony własności intelektualnej (Intellectual property rights)” and “Szkolenie BHP (Occupational Safety and Care)”.
5. When you click on one of them, you will be able to see instructions in Polish and in English. Read them, because you will find entrance keys to each test there.
6. Click once again on the test’s name (on the left side of the instructions).
7. The system will inform you that you might get some info on your email and it will ask you for the entrance key.
8. When you continue, you will get to a page with materials and a test. There is info in Polish as well as in English and the test is also in both languages.

Some details about the Occupational Safety and Care test
· The test will be available in 3 rounds.
First round: 02-30 Nov 2009
Second round: 02-30 Jan 2010
Third round: 01-19 Mar 2010
If you complete the test during the 1st round, then all is fine. If you don’t complete the test during the 1st round, you will get an NK (‘not classifiable’) in the USOS which in fact means a fail in the 1st round and you will have to complete the test in the 2nd round. If you don’t do the test in the 2nd round, you will get another NK and you will have to take the test in the 3rd round. If you don’t take the test in the 3rd round, you completely fail the Occupational Safety and Care course. You can have maximum 2 failed obligatory courses in order to pass the year and this one is one of them. Also, all the NKs will show on your transcript.
· There should be around 23 questions, only one answer is correct.
· If you don’t complete the test in either of the rounds, you will have to do that next year (if you pass the year, of course) and you will have to pay a fee: 200 PLN.

Some details about the Intellectual Property test
· The test will be available in just one, but a very long round from 09 Oct 2009 till 26 Jan 2010.
· The person responsible for the whole thing is Mrs Elzbieta Juszczyszyn (ejuszczyszyn@uott.uw.edu.pl) and her office hours are on every Tue at 09:00-12:00, at the building of the Faculty of Geology, Zwirki i Wigury Street 93, 3rd floor, room 3056.

* Don’t start the test when you are not sure you will be able to finish it. If you start the test and you decide to close it for any reason without completing it, the system will perceive it as a fail.
* Completing each online test is obligatory.
* For each test a student is given 0,5 ECTS that counts into OGUN points.
* Not completing both of these tests will affect your passing the year!