Check your situation in USOS

Dear Students,

A make-up exam session has already finished so you should already have all the grades (with minor exceptions). Please check in USOS if you are already registered for the next semester. If not:

-          Check if you have all the grades.

-          If you do, check if you have linked 60 ECTS to the 2015/16 academic year (both semesters count). Don’t forget that it’s not enough that courses are linked to the program, they need to be linked to semesters, too.

-          If you have linked 60 ECTS, check if you have delivered your program for checkup. If you haven’t (and at the same time you have all the grades), please do that immediately!

-          If you have delivered your program for check-up, but you are still not enrolled in the next semester in USOS, please contact the office.

If your situation is unclear for you, contact the office, too.