Qualified candidates are required to send or bring in a number of additional documents to be accepted officially to the. The deadline for delivering these documents is 12:00 noon on July 24. An extension can be granted until August 6 if necessary to people with foreign diplomas (please contact us in this case, otherwise we will delete you from the list on July 24th and accept someone from the waiting list!). Applicants who have not supplied us with these documents by August 6 will be considered disqualified from this year's admissions. Please note! The tuition for these studies is 3000 Euro/year for EU members and those with Polish heritage; 4300 Euro/year otherwise.

The following items must be brought to our office:
1) 3 passport-sized photos.
2) An application to be accepted for study, printed from IRK.
3) An application for a student ID card, printed from IRK after uploading your picture (to see how a picture should look like go here: http://www.psychology.pl/?id=5&sub=8).
4) The proof of payment for the student ID. It costs 17 PLN. The student id bank account is here: http://www.rekrutacja.uw.edu.pl/index.php?display=legitymacja
5) An original secondary school diploma. ATTENTION!! Diplomas from foreign countries need to be legalized in your home country and then certified by a Polish Office for Education (kuratorium). This can be finished later, as the whole process does take some time. We will need the diploma legalized in your home country before the semester begins (apostille). If you are from abroad and you are afraid of sending your diploma by post, you can bring it with you in September. Please let us know about that in advance! Also, if you need more info about how to legalize the diploma, please contact us.
6) Any other documents we are missing from the application process (this includes recommendation letter, medical certificates, application for dormitories if a placement is needed, etc).

WE ALSO URGENTLY NEED THE FOLLOWING (as soon as possible!! Before the 24th if possible!!):
7) A signed statement about whether you would like to enroll in an introductory course in Polish language and culture. This course would most likely take place in the last two weeks of September. If you would like to enroll please indicate your level of proficiency in Polish (beginner or intermediate). This course is free of charge to foreign students.

ATTENTION! You will be considered a full-time student after you have delivered all the needed documents!

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