Important information for all the Students

Dear Students,

(This message is addressed to Students who are going to be on years 2-5 in the academic year 2013/14, but if you are going to be a new Student, you can read it in order to find out what you would have to deal with in the future.)

If you don’t have any make-up exam in September, if you log in to the USOS and you can see that you are not registered for the 2013/14 academic year, it means you are missing something from the list:

Library: not all of you have delivered a paper from BUW confirming that you have returned all the books after the 2012/13 academic year. You don’t need to bring the paper in person. It is also ok to leave it in the mailbox outside the office. More info in [this news].

2013/14 payments: not all of you have collected a table with additional payments that will be binding in the 2013/14 academic year. More info in [this news].

Linking courses: not all of you linked courses in the USOSweb. One of the most common mistakes is that students link courses but do not submit the program for check-up. If you linked your courses, please make sure that you also delivered the program for check-up. More info, together with the instruction, is in [this news].

Diploma recognition (“nostryfikacja”): this concerns only those who have non-Polish or non-IB high school diplomas. Some of you have asked for more time to finish the process and the Dean agreed to extend the deadline, but for some of you the deadline is over and we have not heard from you about how the situation looks like now. Please let us know.

Other things to remember:

  • Like each year the deadline for the first payment for the next academic year is 22 September. Do not forget to deliver a proof of payment to the office (it could be a PDF from your online bank account sent by email to wisp@psych.uw.edu.pl).
  • 3rd-year Students need to find a tutor for their empirical paper and 4th-year Students need to find a tutor for their MA thesis. The list of tutors is available on moodle and it could be updated if another tutor wishes to be added. The sooner you find someone, the better for you. The procedure is the same like before – to establish cooperation with a tutor, please give them a tutor declaration (it’s on moodle, too), ask them to sign it and then bring it to the office, so that we know who your tutor is. Failing an empirical paper or an MA seminar will mean penalty payments, therefore please do not leave this matter until the very last moment. Some tutors may tell you that they already have enough students and they will not take another one.