Additional information for candidates with non-Polish, non-IB/EB high school diplomas

We admit candidates to our program after they have passed a qualification interview, which is conducted in person, in English. Candidates are admitted to the studies on the basis of this qualification interview only, not on the basis of high school grades. A candidate who has successfully passed the qualification interview is in principle admitted to the studies.

Foreign candidates, if they come from outside of the EU/EFTA, need to provide proof of a sufficient level of English language proficiency, in case not being a native English speaker. This requirement does not apply in case you completed high school education in English. Click the following link for an overview of accepted certificates.

For the purpose of applying for the admission interview it may be necessary (depending on the language the diploma was issued in) that you provide a translation of your diploma. Candidates with a foreign high school diploma who have been admitted to the studies will have to provide a sworn translation of their diploma into Polish (in case of diplomas issued not by a EU/EFTA/OECD country). If your diploma was issued by an EU/EFTA/OECD country, we will accept the translation either into Polish or English.

Generally, all applicants are invited to a qualification interview, and thus all candidates have an equal opportunity to being admitted. Under exceptional circumstances however, high school grades may play a role in deciding who is invited to these interviews. This either concerns candidates with exceptionally low high school grades, or in the situation in which there would be more candidates than we can interview and we would have to select candidates for the interview on the basis of their high school grades (so far this has never happened). So, most likely the information beneath will not be relevant to you, and the important information concerns the qualification interview.

As a general rule candidates need to have 30 points, based on their high school diploma, to be invited to take part in the qualification interview. In practice almost all candidates that have successfully ended high school education meet this requirement.

The requirement of 30 points is based on the Polish high school grading system, and is not directly applicable to foreign high school diplomas, as grading scales and systems may differ. In order to assign points to foreign diplomas, an average score is calculated and converted to a scale ranging from 0 to 100. On this scale 30 will indicate the minimum passing level. As mentioned before, these points should not play a role in the selection procedure, unless we would have more applying candidates than we could interview. In that situation we would invite only the 220 candidates with the highest number of points based on their high school diploma grades. So far this has never happened.

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