The qualification interview

The purpose of the qualification interview is for us to see if candidates possess a number of characteristics and qualities that we deem important for students and future psychologists to have. We believe that having good grades in high school is desirable, but that grade average is not necessarily the best or the only way to estimate whether a candidate will be a successful student, psychologist or scientist in the future. Therefore we invite applicants for an individual interview, so that we can get to know each candidate in a more personal way before deciding whether we think a candidate would be a successful student in our program. Interviews are normally conducted in person, but for candidates living abroad can also be held through video- or teleconference.

At the interview a commission of at least three lecturers from our program will ask a number of questions and evaluate a candidate’s answers. The questions will broadly regard the candidate’s:

  • Motivations and reasons to study psychology
  • Ability of critical and independent thinking
  • Intellectual ability based on the understanding of a text

In order to judge the candidate’s understanding of a text, applicants have to choose and read one (1) book from the following list:

  • "The Noonday Demon" - Andrew Solomon (only chapters: "Depression", "Breakdowns", "Treatments", "Alternatives", "Populations")
  • "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion" - Jonathan Haidt
  • "Permanent Present Tense: The Unforgettable Life of the Amnesic Patient, H. M." - Suzanne Corkin

These books were selected because their topics concern psychology, and they are generally easy to obtain in libraries and internet (book)stores.

Each member of the admission commission will evaluate a candidate’s answers for each of the three categories as follows:

  • Understanding of the text (0-10 pts)
  • Independent thinking (0-10 pts)
  • Motivation to study psychology (0-10 pts)

For each category the average will be calculated of all the commission members’ scores. Next, the averages of the three categories will simply be summed up to give a candidate’s final score (between 0 and 30).

The final list of candidates that will be admitted to the studies is created only according to the interview results (not according to high school diploma points). Candidates are admitted in order of their score, i.e. the candidates with the highest scores will be admitted first, up till the point that all positions are filled. Irrespective of the number of free positions, candidates who have not obtained at least 21 points (70%) at the interview will not be admitted.

Please note that participation in the qualification interview involves an application fee of 80zł or 20€ or 20$.

If you would like to apply to our program, then follow this link to find more information about the procedure of application.

Generally, all applicants are invited to a qualification interview, and thus all candidates have an equal opportunity to being admitted. Under exceptional circumstances however, high school grades may play a role in deciding who is invited to these interviews. This either concerns candidates with exceptionally low high school grades, or in the situation in which there would be more candidates than we can interview and we would have to select candidates for the interview on the basis of their high school grade (so far this has never happened). Please look up the specific information according to type of high school diploma.

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