Specialization: Psychotherapy

Courses within the specialization Psychotherapy offered in the spring semester of the 2016/17 academic year:

(Note: the Psychotherapy specialization takes place in 2-year cycles. It means that classes are planned to repeat every 2 years. Most of the below classes do not take place every year!)

TitleCourse TypeHoursECTS CreditsInstructorsDescription
Advances in Humanistic and Existential Therapyseminar152Porębiak Marta (PhD)
Culture, Trauma and Healing: Applied Skills for Cross-Cultural Trauma Therapyclass303Nattel Jonathan (MA)
Practice in Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy: Clinical Experience, Supervision & Case Formulationclass12010Holas Paweł (PhD, MD),
Kitłowska Magdalena (MSc)

This course lasts for the whole year. 60h in the winter semester + 60h in the spring semester. 5th year only.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapyseminar152Chrzczonowicz-Stępień Agnieszka (PhD)
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy of Children and Adolescentsseminar202Schier Katarzyna (Prof.)
Self-Experience in Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapyclass603Olejnik Anna (MSc),
Bajor Małgorzata (MSc)

Only the 4th year.