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Multicultural discussions at UW - interview with our student Rupali Parekh


Dear WISP community!

We invite you to visit UW webiste, section Top News - Multicultural discussions where our great student - Rupali Parekh talks about her WISP experience, presents her outlook on life and studies in Poland. Congratulations Rupali!

You can find the full text here: http://en.uw.edu.pl/multicultural-discussions-at-uw/


Registration for language exams opens on 18th April

Dear Students, Those of you who are planning to pass an exam in a foreign language in the coming exam session need to remember that the registration for language exams is opening 18th April and will latst till 29th May. It is possible to register via the usual token registration. Things to remember: · You need to pass an exam in a foreign language (at least B1 level, but it cannot be English) till the end of the...

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[ALL STUDENTS] Prolonging validity of student ID cards already possible

Dear Students,It is already possible to prolong validity of your student ID cards. Please come to the office with your student ID only during the office hours (so not on Wednesdays and not on Fridays).Note for the first year: if you look at the back side of your ID card, you will see a sticker saying that your ID is valid till the end of March. Now you will get a sticker saying that...

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Here is the list of exams in the make-up exam session after the winter semester 2017/18: BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BEHAVIOUR I Tue, 06 Mar, 10:30, room 412 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY I Fri, 02 Mar, 10:15, room 412 EMOTIONS AND MOTIVATION Thu, 08 Mar, 09:00, room 405 INTRODUCTION TO CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY Mon, 05 Mar, 13:45, 405 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY ...

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