News for October 2009


Meeting for all new students (mainly 1st year)

Friday October 23,2009 @ 12.00 there will be a short meeting for all newcomers!!! We will be discussing issues that are important for you as a student to know. Academic integrity will probably be the focus of the meeting (what you should/should not be doing) but we will also include information about medical care, insurance, and other important issues. If there are any questions please bring them and we will do our best to answer them. If we don't have answers then, we'll help you find...

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Information for ALL the students

Dear Students,

Please make sure that you have paid the tuition fee and conditional pass payment (if you have one). If you are not sure if you should pay something and how much that would be, you can ask Pani Maria in the office from Tuesday, 20 Oct 2009.

PLEASE NOTE: there is some interest for being late with payment (unless you have the Dean's approval) + each student with due payments will not have his/her student ID prolonged.


Info for Cognitive Lab students

The Cognitive Lab classes on Wed 9 Dec and Wed 16 Dec are going to take place in room 68 (computer room on the 2nd floor). Both classes are going to take place at 12:00 (yes, the one on 9 Dec as well!).

Please update your own schedules.


Info for Psychophysics students

From 21 Oct 2009 Psychophysics classes are going to take place in room 68 (computer room on the 2nd floor).

If order to use any computers at the Faculty, a student needs to have a login and a password. If you don't have one, please report that to the Office.



The Student Forensic Psychology Scientific Circle is inviting everyone for a meeting with convicts from Wloclawek prison, their tutors and psychologists. The meeting is going to take place on Fri, 23 Oct 2009, at 14:00, room 408.

The meeting is open for everyone and it is free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: the language of the meeting is Polish.

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