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  1. Office open till 14:00 on 08 July


    Dear Everyone, On 08 July the Office will be open till 14:00. If you are a candidate and would...
  2. Office closed on 04 July 2016


    Dear Everyone, On Mon, 04 July 2016, the WISP office will be exceptionally closed due to various reasons (medical/holidays)....
  3. [All Students] Some info about what is needed to fully complete the 2015/16 academic year


    Dear Students, Those of you who already have all the grades and ECTS you need (60 after the year)...
  4. [3rd year] Important information about the next semester's schedule


    Dear Students of the current 3rd year (future 4th year), There is one update regarding the Ethics course in...
  5. Third versions of the schedule for the winter semester 2016/17 sent to student emails


    Dear Students, The third version of schedules for the winter semester 2016/17 has been sent to your universit emails....

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 WISP is a 5-year psychology master program in English at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw. We are a small scale program with a very diverse, international body of students and professors. Learn more…


[ADMISSIONS 2016/17]

  University of Warsaw is Poland’s best University again in 2016, just like in 2015 and 2014 (see details).



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Upcoming Events

  1. The Faculty Day - Psychonalia 2016

    12:00 10 May


    Gardens of the Faculty of Psychology

    Dear Students, Please come to the Faculty on Tue, 10 May, to take part in Psychonalia (start from 12:00)....
  2. jUWenalia student festival

    10:00 06 May

    10:0021:00 (07 May)

    Main Campus of UW at Krakowskie Przedmieście

      Dear Students, Each year in May there is a student festival called “jUWenalia”. Each university is organizing concerts, meetings,...
  3. Going back to school: Learning in multisensory environments

    17:30 27 April


    Room 74 (2nd floor)

      Dear Students, You are invited to take part in an open lecture by Pawel Matusz, PhD (University Hospital of...

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