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  1. [Years 4-5] Sexology make-up test


    Dear Students of Sexology, The make-up test is going to take place on Thu, 29 Jan, at 10:30, room...
  2. Erasmus+ in 2015/16


    Dear Students, If you would like to spend 1 or 2 semesters at another university in the 2015/16 academic...
  3. [2nd year] Information on Developmental Psychology essay deadline


    Dear 2nd-year Students, The deadline for the essay has been extended till Mon, 26 Jan at 9 am. Details...
  4. Information from the Erasmus Coordinator


    Dear Students, I was going to send you information about Erasmus+ application process. However...
  5. [1st year] Intellectual Property materials


    Dear 1st-year Students, Intellectual Property Rights materials are available at xero on the faculty ground floor. Besides, a list...

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WISP is a 5-year psychology master program in English at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw. We are a small scale program with a diverse, international body of students and professors. Learn more…


Faculty of Psychology UW is number 1 in Poland, 2014 ranking shows.

 University of Warsaw is Poland’s best University again in 2014 (see details).



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Upcoming Events

  1. WISP Open #7: Asymmetry of Control in the Prisoner’s Dilemma Game: A Social Interdependence Perspective

    15:30 20 January


    Room 412

      Dear Students, Here is an invitation to another open lecture: Asymmetry of Control in the Prisoner’s Dilemma Game: A Social Interdependence...
  2. WISP Open #6: Psychology isn't everything: structural and circumstantial influences on human behavior

    15:30 13 January


    Room 412

      Dear Students, This time the open lecture will be conducted by the WISP Director, Wouter de Raad, PhD. ...
  3. WISP Open #5: How to become a better consumer of psychological research? Tricks & Tips.

    14:15 09 January


    Room 412

      Dear Students, The Academic Section of WISP Students' Union is inviting you to take part in another WISP Open...

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